Citizen Developers in No Code Operations

Imagine your everyday employees turning into tech-savvy innovators. In the realm of no-code operations, this isn't a far-fetched dream but a thriving reality. Welcome the Citizen Developers transforming how businesses operate. Let's explore this phenomenon and how it can streamline your business operations.

What is a Citizen Developer?

A Citizen Developer is an individual who builds applications using no-code or low-code platforms, typically without a formal programming background. And here are a few ways they are changing how organizations work:

They are Democratizing Development

Citizen Developers are breaking down the barriers that once separated the realms of IT professionals and business users. The ability to develop without the traditional reliance on IT departments has opened up new pathways to innovation, allowing quicker responses to business needs and, in turn, creating a significant value for businesses looking to streamline operations. 

For example, Puzzle worked with Big Spaceship to create a Professional Services Automation tool using, Google Sheets and Zapier to reduce their Director's administrative work by 20 hours per month. No coding expertise needed!

They are Bridging the Gap Between IT & Operations

Embracing innovation is crucial in today's fast-paced world. Organizations clinging to outdated technologies often experience decreased efficiency, higher maintenance costs, and frustration among employees and customers. Such inefficient systems become a breeding ground for operational debt.

The importance of collaboration between IT and other departments is widely recognized, and Citizen Developers have become a solution to this challenge. A telling example is at Payflo, where citizen developers from Puzzle automated 83% of their sales process using no code tools. By encouraging collaboration and communication between traditionally siloed departments, businesses can create a more cohesive, agile environment, an invaluable asset for those aiming to streamline operations.

They are Leveraging Their Existing Skills

Most Citizen Developers have zero coding skills. Instead, they use their reasoning skills they learned from those exciting SAT and ACT exams from high school to boil down any process into a series of IF THEN statements.

The magic of Citizen Developers lies in the fact that you don't need to be a tech expert to make substantial contributions. By tapping into existing skills and leveraging intimate business knowledge, companies can craft solutions that are both efficient and timely. This approach allows businesses to be leaders rather than followers in their industry, driving substantial value in the streamlining process.


Citizen Developers are not merely participants in a technological trend; they are catalysts for a transformative shift in business operations. By democratizing development, enhancing collaboration, fostering agility, empowering users, and leveraging inherent talents, they create opportunities for businesses to streamline like never before. The question isn't whether you're ready for them, but whether you can afford to be without them.



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